The Great Rishi Heritage of 7 Mohyal clans

My dear Mohyal friends

Central Mohyal Sabha is a great forum of all Mohyal Biradari members, belonging to seven clans, so all should be positive in comments toward each other like a real Mohyal family instead of looking at each other with doubts, even questioning the good deeds of other mohyal forum members integrity, forgetting the fact that since the seven mohyal clans were formed in the ancient times by the descendents of the seven great Maha Rishis who were brought together by the great Maharishi "Bhargva" commonly known as the "Great Parshurama" to fight the autrocities of the evil "Kshatriya Kings", who were then torturing the innocent Brahmins by defaming them and snatching their prized possessions attained through great "Tapasaya", like the Kshatriya king "Sashasra Vir Arjun" army upon his instructions stole the famous cow from Maharishi Jamadagni and later his Kshatriya children killed Maharishi Jamadagni himself and thus to avenge the murder of his innocent father and also stop these autoricies against all the brahmins once for all.
The great Lord Parshurama, a descendaent of great Maharishi "Bhrighu" called upon all the other brahmins to join him in this fight against the Evil Kshatriya oppression, and thus brahmins from six other Saraswat Rishi clans, whose great Rishi ancesstors lived upon the banks of "Saraswati River" joined him to have this "Dharam Yudh", which were later known as the 7 great Mohyal clans. Since that time till now, we the Mohyals married mostly into these 7 clan families, so we all are related by blood with each other, wheather we directly know it or not.
So I humbly request that the respect for each other should be maintained especially toward the mohyal elders as lot of mohyal youth are still unaware of our great heritage facts and this forum can for sure provide such knowledge . Jai Mohyal.

Best Wishes
Sunil Vaid
Central Mohyal Sabha